The Team

The Team
Our customer service team & Tour guides are professionally trained. We will provide you with the historical and cultural background for your experience in Vietnam. We ensure that your experience exceeds your expectations. Our working style is flexible - we can customize your tour to be an intense physical adventure, a laid back beach vacation or a culinary exploration of Vietnamese cuisine. We can plan a trip for any budget.


Ut Ho - tour guide & trip planner
Ut Ho (middle man) is from the Mekong delta, he leads bicycle tours to the Mekong delta, Cambodia and Thailand. Ut is a hard-working man & with enthusiasm and rich experience in biking. He manages biking tours very well and has acquired all the skills needed to become an excellent adventure guide. He enjoys meeting people and understands that people differ in their tourism expectations. 

Trung Nguyen - Tour guide & Trip planner
We call him "uncle Trung" as he is the oldest member in our team. Almost 60 years old but Trung's health is excellent. Based in Hue, he always leads trip to the historical Ho Chi Minh trails and to national parks or DMZ and Vinh Moc tunnels. He is friendly, helpful and rich knowledge man.

Thu Nguyen - English speaking driver
Based in Hue, Thu is a careful, enthusiasm and rich experience driver. He owns a seven seat car – Innova Toyota, his car is always clean and comfortable. He speaks good English. Contact Thu if you need a private car with English speaking driver.

Tiger Phan - Cycling Guide 
"Buffalo's has a Tiger" is what people call him. Tiger is a very gentle man, a cycling guide with enthusiasm and great sense of humorous. He loves biking and his passion for the job really shows. Tiger is always ready for your ride from Hoi An to Hue or in reverse!

Loc - Trekking guide
If you’re travelling all the way up to Bach Ma national park or the legendary Ho Chi Minh trails, Loc is the right guide for your tour. He is a nature lover, enjoys spending time in the jungle and observing wild animals and plants. He knows the jungle trails and and good knowlege of environmental commitment. Come with Loc and enjoy your jungle trek.

Mike  - Cycling & Trekking guide
Born in a small village in the Ha Nam countryside, Mike has traveled throughout Vietnam to pursue his loves of tourism. He began leading cycling and trekking tours in 2012. His specialty coincides with his passion for Buffalo's Adventures, where he continues to be a cycling and trekking lover.

Vy Nguyen - Customer operations 
Working in for Buffalo's Adventures since 2014,  Vy Nguyen is now the leader of customer service team at Buffallo's Adventures. Khanh has deep knowlege in tourism and experience in arranging tour service.